Personal Training

Get Fit For Less 

Are you ready to get serious about reaching your goals? Fit for Life’s staff boasts some of the most experienced trainers in the business with a proven track record of success!

Before starting your training package, a certified trainer of choice will do a full assessment of you and your goals. Assessment will include full measurements and a body fat analysis. Soon after you will begin your personalized workout program designed specifically to you and your goals!

Why Personal Training?

Over the years, statistics have continued to show that individuals that work out with a partner have a higher probability of reaching their personal fitness goals. What better workout partner to have than an experienced, certified trainer?! With a personal trainer, workouts are more effective because they are tailored to an individual’s specific wants and needs. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain or improved cardiovascular endurance, personal training will better prepare you for success.

The motivation provided by a trainer is another added benefit missing from most workouts done alone or with a less experienced workout partner. A trainer will encourage you to work out harder and more often. Along the way, clients learn proper and more effective workout techniques that will not only increase the likelihood of reaching their fitness goals, but shorten the length of time needed to achieve them as well!

8 small group 1 h personal training sessions  – $200 per person

(2-4 trainees/group)