Boot Camp

The timid need not apply! Boot Camp has long been a staple at many fitness centers and Fit for Life is no exception. Both our Rugged Boot Camp and Kick Start Boot Camp classes are generally the most popular and well attended classes on the schedule. Boot Camp is offered three times weekly giving our members an opportunity to find a time and day that’s works for them!

Rugged Boot Camp is a class focused on developing functional strength, muscle density and endurance. Various free weights are introduced throughout the workout and body weight exercises are stressed as well, making it an ideal class for full body toning and cardio enhancement!

Want something a little different? Then check out our Kick Start Boot Camp. Kick Start Boot Camp combines two of the all-time favorites; combining the rigors of Boot Camp and the finesse of Cardio Kick Boxing. After the intense cardio training of kick boxing, the focus will shift to strength and muscle development of Rugged Boot Camp.

While the classes can be intense, all members are encouraged to work at their own pace. Our certified instructors will be there to guide you to ensure proper form and technique. Check out our group exercise schedule and find a class that’s right for you!